Mae, little Gotland ewe lamb

Mae, little Gotland ewe lamb

Right now, we have one ewe lamb that was born this past spring. She was born on April 15, 2022, and her name is Mae!

You may know that the US doesn't allow the importation of live sheep because of pest and sickness control. The government does not want the accidental import of illnesses along with the sheep. Gotland sheep are relatively new in the United States; and, since we can't import live animals, we import fertilized sperm or eggs instead. As a result, Gotland sheep in the US are mostly cross-bred sheep, with the exception of the fertilized eggs which are fully 100% Gotland sheep.

Due to this cross-breeding, shepherds in the US gradually increase the purity level of their sheep.

Mae is currently our most purely Gotland sheep. She's 99.22% Gotland, which is very close to fully Gotland standard.

Lil' Mae

In the picture above, you can get a much closer look at Mae's wool.

The curls are very tight with a high lustre. You can see some brown, but that's actually dirt! Overall her coat is mostly a blend of greys and a little black.

Her appearance certainly follows the standard, with smooth black head and legs, and lustrous curly wool. For a lamb, Mae has a remarkably calm disposition. She absolutely loves scratches, especially under the chin and along her neck.

As you can see, if we aren't around or we're too busy, Mae will find something else to get her scratches.